Pictures on the Prairie:
The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television

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This Summer hasn’t turned out at all as I expected. I was hoping to do about 5 or 6 book signings/lectures at various venues across central and east central Illinois.

I’ve had several requests recently for signed copies of “Pictures on the Prairie: The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television.” Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that for book signings in the near future, so I’ve come up with this plan to fulfill the wishes of those wanting signed books.

I’d love to be able to offer to send them each to you without charge but the USPS mailing charges are a bit pricy.  USPS mailing charges for the book/container via priority mail would get the book to you within a couple of days at a cost of around $8.50.

So I’ve created a plan to make it work for those of you who already have a book and would like it signed to you(or someone else), and for those who would like to purchase a book from me directly, plus have it signed to you(or someone else).

If you already have a book:

E-mail me (at dougquick @ with the fact that you have a book and would like it signed. Include the exact name of the person(s) to be named with the signing. Make sure the name(s) is spelled correctly. Make sure you include your mailing address where your book is to be sent with your initial e-mail.

I’ll return an e-mail to you with the mailing address of where you should mail the book. When you mail it make sure you use a USPS envelope for priority mail. It will cost you around $8.50. When you send me your book include either cash of $8.50 or a personal check for $8.50 to cover the postage so I can get the book back to you.

If you would like to purchase a book and have it signed:

E-mail me (at dougquick @ with your request for a book and to have it signed. Include the exact name of the person(s) to be named with the signing. Make sure the names(s) are spelled correctly. Make sure you include your mailing address where the book is be sent with your initial e-mail.

I’ll return an e-mail to you with the mailing address of where you should send either cash or a personal check of $28.50 to cover the cost of the book and postage back to you.

I have a limited number of books, and this offer will end when I run out, so don’t delay!

If you miss this opportunity, I hope to resume book signings at various locations either this fall or by the Holidays. Keep checking back to this website for updates.


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Local Television Today


Looking to "cut the cable?"
Find out what's available to you "off the air" with the use of an antenna. Some times an indoor antenna is all you need, but most of the time an attic, rooftop or tower mounted antenna will be necessary.  Find out what is available absolutely free once your investment in an antenna is made.


No matter where you are in mid-Illinois, Peoria, Terre Haute, St. Louis or Chicago areas you'll see what available to you with no monthly subscription fees.


CHECK OUT THE NEW "CUTTING THE CABLE" PAGE by clicking on the link here or from the drop-down menu above under TV Today.


You can also click on the Yahoo link for a program grid of the current "over-the-air" channels in your area.

Examine the history of each of the mid-Illinois TV stations along with stations in Peoria and St. Louis

Each station has a unique history, with ownership diversity and a different path to success. Some achieved success and are now some of the oldest businesses in their respective cities of license. Others fell by the wayside.

Follow their paths from the very beginning in "Pictures on the Prairie: The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television" then catch up with the histories of each station from the early 1960s to the present on Central Illinois On-Line Broadcast Museum.

I spotlight stations that became very special in my radio career. WTIM/WTIM-FM in my hometown and WDAN/WDNL at which I spent most of 25 years.

The select area radio stations all have something in common, in that they were all automated and I worked at two of the stations highlighted.

Legendary radio stations include in my opinion the greatest radio stations heard in mid-Illinois during the era

Automated Radio formats include those program syndicators as well as the equipment used by stations to establish many FM stations during the AM radio era.  

There's audio from the companies represented of demos of many of the formats. You'll also see which local stations subscribed to each format.

See photos of many automation systems used by many radio stations from around the country as well as local stations.

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Videos of the Week

CBS Classic Outtakes

Nothing's perfect, especially when it comes to producing TV shows. Things don't often work as they should. 

It's been a long time since we've had a "Bloopers Festival." So we have one repeat video from several years ago, and something a little more recent.

Our first is a repeat of an earlier "Video of the Week" and is an in-house production of TV Outtakes and Bloopers from CBS Shows from the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was produced for the CBS affiliates during a network convention. It's hosted by James Arness, Marshall Dillon from "Gunsmoke."

Be watching for the famous cow scene from "The Red Skelton Show." The show segments shown would have been seen on WCIA, WMBD-TV, KMOX-TV, WTHI-TV, and KHQA. 

"Seinfeld" Outtakes 1997-98

The Videos of the Week continues with bloopers and outtakes from the 8th season of "Seinfeld." 

"Seinfeld" was seen throughout mid-Illinois on WICD, WICS, WEEK, WTWO, KSD-TV, WGEM-TV. 

Movies on TV

"Invasion of the Body Snachers" 1955

This is one of the most memorable movies I've ever seen.  The original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" appeared on a local TV station late movie when I was a kid, in the very early 1960s.

It's another film similar to "A Face in the Crowd" (last week's video) that brought comparisons to a political viewpoint at the time to viewers. This is the trailer to the film, but I think you'll get the idea. 


(Source: YouTube and various posters and contributors.

They may be removed without notice)

Classic Radio

"Phil Harris Alice Faye Show" NBC Radio

The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show" is one of my favorite classic radio sitcoms. The personality of Phil Harris came from his work on "The Jack Benny Show." 

At the time, he was still appearing on the Benny Program during the first 15 minutes of that show, then quickly moving a couple of blocks in Hollywood to the CBS studios to host his own show with his real-life wife Alice Faye.

The character of "Remley" also originated with "The Jack Benny Show." He was closely connected to Phil's character as his guitar player in the band and was referenced many times, although he often didn't speak.


By the time Phil Harris had his own show, he needed a side-kick and the "Remley" name seemed natural. Radio writer, actor, producer, director Elliot Lewis would play the part of Remley until the real Remley filed suit. To make a long story short, the Harris/Faye show would just rename the character to his real name, Elliot Lewis.  

This episode was broadcast on February 25, 1951, on NBC


(left photo): Alice Faye and Phil Harris; (right photo): Elliot Lewis

(Source: YouTube and various posters and contributors.

They may be removed without notice)

Frisina Drive In Theater_front_shot.jpg


Click on each Graphic/Title Below to go directly to an in depth story of each with pictures/videos of Television's Past

CBS TV City.jpg

What's New?

February 9, 2020-Added a list of Radio Automation Program Suppliers on the Automation Radio Format page. The list was from "Billboard Magazine" published in February of 1975. 

February 14, 2020- The latest on the Repack plight of WAND. Visit Mid-Illinois Television here.

February 27, 2020-Added the WAND history video produced by Sean Streaty at WAND and broadcast on February 25, 2020. Watch the video by clicking here.

March 14, 2020-Thanks to former WCIA personality from the early to late 1950s, Scott Craig. He sent me an update on his life since his early days hosting "Cartoon Time" for Channel 3. See what Scott Craig has done over the years and check out a more recent picture of him. Go to WCIA 1953-1965 and Scott Craig here.

April 12, 2020-Thanks to Pete Barrett, WCIA Production Manager for sharing an incredible collection of historical photos from WCIA. Some of which have already been added to the History of WCIA 1953-1965. They're easy to find and are displayed in galleries labeled "WCIA Archive Photos." More will be added to the more recent pages in the coming weeks.  Click here to go to the WCIA, 1953-1965 page.

May 24, 2020-"Star Trek" has been added to the Historical Television Highlights page.

June, 14, 2020-Added a video block featuring Taylorville's Frisina Drive-In Theater. To see the video and a short narration of its history go to Videos here.

July 19, 2020-Added the story of the first live broadcast from the "new" Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim, California from July of 1955. It was an epic live TV broadcast on the ABC Television Network and was seen in mid-Illinois.  It's on the Historical Television Highlights page.

September 12, 2020-Saved the Video of the Week from September 7th, to the Historical Television Highlights page. The feature spotlights the ABC Season Premiere that took the last place TV network to prominence. Click here to go directly to the ABC Season Premiere from September of 1963.

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