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Welcome to Central Illinois' On-Line Broadcast Museum. This website, documents in detail the history of each of the viewable TV stations past and present across mid-Illinois in text, photos and videos as well as each station's current status. This site also includes some local radio history, along with automated analog formats also again told in pictures, videos and text. 


Doug Quick 
Radio/TV Broadcaster/Historian, Author, Webmaster
complete bio available here.

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Videos of the Week

Thanks to YouTube contributors over central Illinois and from my own YouTube Channel, we present another batch of clips from the Central Illinois Heritage stations, WCIA, WAND, WICS, and WICD. 

These will be posted through March 9th.

The Hop (early 1960s) 2017 Interview with Ed Mason

This interview talks of the video that was featured on the last Videos of the Week with Margaret Whiting. Ed, also known as Captain Eddie."


See "The Hop" video introducing Margaret Whiting by clicking the link here. 

Paul Davis and Mr. Roberts (1970s?) WCIA

Paul Davis and Mr. Roberts of WCIA, Champaign discuss long time rumors about them being related on the final newscast anchored by Paul Davis.  This is from the late 1970's and is a part of my collection, and posted on my YouTube Channel.

Aircheck (1982) ABC Monday Night Movie

This includes promos, local commercials, local news breaks, etc., during prime time. This was recorded from my home, 121 miles north of Danville, Illinois, during a Monday night in September 1982, from the 5-million-watt WAND transmitter/tower between Argenta and Oreana, Illinois. 

Aircheck (1982) ABC Late Night "Vegas"

Includes ABC off-network reruns of popular shows.  For more TV history visit

Check out portions of old WAND commercials voiced by Mike Cheevers (doing Cohn Furniture ad), and Perry Thomas of Perry Thomas Lincoln-Mercury ("at the sign of the cat....meow.")


This is one of my favorites, because of the show "Vegas" an episode from 1979, starring the late Robert Urich. Also note the promo for "Fridays" the late night comedy show copied from NBC's "SNL." There's also a commercial for WNNS-Radio, Springfield voiced by Mike Cheevers.

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Previously on Videos

of the Week...

If you've missed any of the "Videos of the Week" or "Classic Radio" recordings, you'll find them here. Unfortunately, there's no narrative to go along with each. You have to visit each week for that.

Network Theme Compilation (1969-1992) ABC

"You'll Love It" (1985-86) ABC

"Get Ready" (1990) CBS

"Let's Be There" (1983-84) NBC

"Come Home to NBC" (1986 NBC

Fred Winston (1985) WLS(AM)

Holiday Time at Disneyland (1962) NBC

Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra Christmas Special (1967) NBC

Hollywood Palace Christmas Show (1965) Bing Crosby

Dick Van Dyke Show (1963) CBS Christmas Episode

Jack Benny Program (1938-40) Christmas episodes

The Bing Crosby TV Special 1971) NBC

Make Room for Daddy (ABC) 1953

Donny and Marie Christmas Special (1976) ABC

Ozzie and Harriet (1956/1964) ABC Busy Christmas

The Andy Williams Christmas Show (1966) NBC

The Lucy Show (1962) CBS Together for Christmas

Sonny and Cher (1972) CBS Christmas Show

Hazel (1964) CBS Christmas Episode

Olde Time Christmas Radio Shows (7hrs)

Hollywood Palace (1968) ABC Bing Crosby


Bing Crosby/David Bowie clip (1977) CBS


The Beverly Hillbillies (1962) Christmas 


Petticoat Junction (1966) The Santa Claus Special


The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1974) Not a Christmas Story


The Red Skelton Show (1954) CBS


Wlat Disney Disneyland (1958) ABC From All of Us to All of You


Bob Hope Christmas Special (1976) NBC


Fibber McGee and Molly (1940s) NBC Radio

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (1978-79) ABC

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (1981-82) ABC

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (1993-94) ABC

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve Clip (2011-12) ABC Dick's Final Appearance

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1965-66) NBC

Rhoda (1976) CBS New Year's Eve 

Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour (1967) CBS

WDBR Recycled 1976 with Rich Styles

The Green Hornet (1966) ABC Van Williams

The Green Hornet (1966) ABC "The Ray is for Killing"

Batman (1966) ABC Guests: Van Williams, Bruce Lee

Batman (with Batgirl-1966) ABC Yvonne Craig

The Green Hornet (1948) Classic Radio episode

The Green Hornet (1940) Gordon Jones, Keye Luke

Batman and Robin (1949) Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan

Camp Runamuck (1965) NBC

Hawk (1966)  ABC Burt Reynolds

The Dana Carvey Show (1996) ABC Dana Carvey

Davis Rules (1991) ABC/CBS Randy Quaid, Jonathan Winters

Ferris Bueller (1990) NBC Charlie Schlatter, Jennifer Aniston

Jack Benny Program (1950) CBS First Show


Oldest Surviving Video Tape Recording (May 22, 1958) WRC-TV


The Ford Show (1961) NBC Guest: Sheri Lewis


Johnny Midnight (1960) Syndicated Edmund O'Brien


ABC News (1971) Anchor Harry Reasoner


TV Commercials/Promos (1977) ABC

The Howdy Doody Show (1958) NBC

Popeye Cartoons (1938) WCIA Paramount Studios

The Three Stooges Film Festival (televised 1960s) WICS/WCHU/WICD


Hercules Cartoons ()1960s) WTVP(later WAND)


Bugs Bunny (1943) WICS/WCHU/WICD

Popeye Cartoons (1960s) WICS/WCHU/WICD

DIck Tracy Show Intro (1960s) WTVP(later WAND)

Dick Tracy Cartoon (1960s) WTVP(later WAND)

Space Angel (1960s) WTVP(later WAND)

Woody Woodpecker (1960) ABC/Syndication

Huckleberry Hound Show (1958-62) Syndicated

Deputy Dog (1960-62) CBS/Syndicated

Rocky and Friends (1959-64) ABC/NBC/Syndication

The Little Rascals (1922-44) Theatrical Features/Syndicated

King Leonardo/King and Odie (1960s) CBS/Syndicated

Candid Camera (1960) CBS Arthur Godfrey

The Martin Short Show (1994) NBC

The Avengers 1967) ABC

Fantasy Island (1978) ABC

The Name of the Game (1971) NBC Robert Stack

WIRL Radio 1968) Peoria VLJ

Way Out Intro (1962) WCIA

Aircheck (1987) WCIA

Reach for the Stars (1982) WCIA

The Hop Interview with Margaret Whiting-Part 1 (1964) WCIA Ed Mason

Weather Rewind (2014) WICS Joe Crain

60th Anniversary (2013) WICS

67th Anniversary (2020) WAND

Station Break/ID (1991) WAND/ABC

Aircheck SNL (1987) WICD/NBC

Sunrise Today (1998) WICD

Aircheck (1996) WICD

Commercial Reel (1980s) Doug Quick

New Stuff on this Site

I added program schedules to WTVP and WCIA pages with some overlap. That overlap includes other stations in some cases. You'll see listings for WICS and KSD-TV on some of the other listings posted. It's complicated!  It's best seen on a large-screen computer monitor. Don't try to read them on your phone!

More pictures added to WTIM/WEEE history

Additional info was added to the History of WBLN and WCIA. Two more station profiles were added to WCIA from 1954-55 and 1955-56 from Broadcasting Yearbook. Also, network microwave and coaxial diagrams were added to show the paths of network video. I added information on an early morning ABC show from Chicago that was broadcast on WBLN for a single year. See that info, plus a sample of the TV show.

Updated Chicago TV Today and the listings for WCHU-LD

There are still questions about WTVK as far as its status in the Peoria market.  If you know anything, please let me know.

I updated the TV Now Pages to show some new sub-channels that are and will be added to the lineups of many of the channels throughout the region.
The "Twist" channel is no more as of Jan 1. So, in many markets, it's being replaced by other selections. More on that during the month of January.  The added channels include "The365," which is a channel featuring shows that include those programs of interest to African Americans.  There is also "Outlaw," a channel that includes Western movies and shows.  To see more, go to their respective websites below:
Click on The365 and Outlaw for more information. 

A newspaper story from 2/13/1966 was added to the WTVP/WAND page announcing the call letter change for the following day.  Also, an ad sponsored by WDZ Radio announces an appearance of the new WAND VP and general manager Len Carl. See both on the History of WAND page.

An ad published in the Broadcasting Yearbook in 1954-55 placed by the WTVP-Peoria national advertising firm has been added to a gallery on the History of WTVH.

Chicago finally has ATSC 3.0 TV that's broadcast from the facilities of WBBM-TV. The only major network affiliate NOT broadcasting a Next Generation signal is WLS-TV.  Go to TV Now and Chicago to see the changes throughout the market. 

Coming soon is a complete narrative on the history of the 1980s edition of WBLN-TV and its change into WYZZ. Be watching for it!


Next Week on 
Videos of the Week


Be watching for details coming soon.


Central Illinois On-Line Broadcast Museum and supports the work of the St. Louis Media History Foundation. 

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Dave Shaul's 25th Anniversary with WCIA (1987)

WCIA anchor and reporter John Paul, does a story recognizing the 25th anniversary of Dave Shaul being a part and later news director at WCIA. This is taken from a 1987 WCIA news broadcast. 

Schlitz Beer Commercial (early 1960s) Gene Robinson

Gene Robinson, a Danville native, began his broadcast career with WDAN Radio and WDAN-TV around 1953. He sold advertising and served as an announcer for radio and television.


He left Danville for a career at WCIA-TV in the mid-1950s, once again in broadcast sales and as a part of the news department. Later, after Midwest Television purchased WMBD AM/FM/TV, he would transfer to Peoria also in sales and as part of the news department. Later, he would be tagged for a management role at the Peoria station, where he would serve as vice president and general manager.

Aircheck (1985) ABC 45/85 Documentary

This aircheck was taken during the broadcast of 45/85, an ABC News Special hosted by Peter Jennings.  


It includes network promos and local station inserts from WAND. Famed ABC announcer Ernie Anderson is featured in a promo for the new season of "Dynasty" and "Hotel." Loren Boatman does a weather promo for the 10 pm news, a promo for the 37th Annual Emmy Awards, the premier for Robert Urich in "Spenser for Hire,"  


Rick Zurak WAND sports, "Lime Street" starring Robert Wagner, WAND's Tom Green does a news promo, plus the news intro with Tom Green, Kim Sherwood, Rich Zurak, and Loren Boatman.

WAND 6 pm News (1986)

Here is the first evening newscast of 1986 from Central Illinois News 17.


Stories include a peace message between President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, fatal holiday accidents, Illinois' new drunk driving law, a deer named Rudolph recovering at a Decatur pet clinic, an increase for rural GTE customers, Dick Durbin's farm bill, and Macon County Board Chairman R.C. Smith's message.


There are also some of 1985's slick political commercials, the weather report including a look at the lake-effect snow phenomenon, as well as bowl game scores & highlights including the Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl—finally, the first baby of the new year and this past year's salmonella scare. The anchor staff includes Tom Green, Kim Sherwood, meteorologist Loren Boatman, and sports reporter Rick Zurak.

WICS News (1996) Don Hickman, Susan Finzen

This is a video from an evening newscast on channel 20 in Springfield.


The feature piece is a story about Mel-O-Cream Donuts, the expansion of the company, and a possible relocation offer to Amarillo, TX.  Don Hickman is with Kelly Grant Jr. while touring the North Street facility.

6 pm News (1997) WICS

This is the "A" block from September 1997; the Roby Illinois stand-off made national news then. Here is one newscast coverage of the situation as broadcast on WICS.


Don Hickman and Susan Finzen anchor the news. The report is from Jennifer Lindsey. This newscast also has a story on the ADM executive who swindled the company out of $9 million. He pleads guilty to the crime.


That was the subject of a movie called "The Informant" starring Matt Damon. For a touch of realism, the movie also stars real-life reporters from WAND.   (Note: The date was incorrect originally; what you see here now is correct. Sorry about the incorrect date.)

WICS Logo Montage (2014) 

This was produced by the WICS Promotions Department for the station's 60th Anniversary in 2014. 

WICS Celebrates 70 Years (2023) 

This interview was conducted last year at WICS with me, and the full interview is located on this website on the History of WICS.

WICD Roundtable (1983) Tom Millbourn

"Roundtable" was a public affairs show produced at WICD, Channel 15, Champaign, Illinois, and is hosted by WICD news director Tom Milbourn.


His guest was Illinois Attorney General Neil Hartigan. It was recorded/broadcast in August of 1983. "Community Calendar" was voiced by Jeannie Roark.

WICD News (1999) Anchor Stephanie Abrams, Reporter Dave Malkoff

This is from the Dave Malkoff collection and features a weekend newscast with anchor Stephanie Abrams. It features a report from the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival by Dave Malkoff. Dave has worked at the Weather Channel for several years and is now with CBS News.

6pm News (2001) WICD Erik Rinderle and Tiffani Sargent

This is from WICD on July 6, 2001, 6 pm newscast with Erik Rinderle and Tiffani Sargent.  Scott Musgrave was the sports anchor and Jerome Ritchie was the weathercaster. Reporters include Tiffani Helberg, Mark Welp, Summer Jackson, and Doug Quick.

Sunrise Clips(1998-2002) WICD

This is a series of "fun clips" from WICD, Channel 15's "Sunrise Today" with Tamara Gibbs, Jennifer Broecker, Dave Ferguson, and Doug Quick from 1998-2002.  


This video was compiled by an unknown collector at WICD, edited, and saved to VHS, where it was unlabeled in my collection. I found it 16-18 years after many segments were broadcast live.

(Source: YouTube and various posters and contributors.

They may be removed without notice)

"Pictures on the Prairie: The 70th Anniversary of Central Illinois Television" by Doug Quick



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