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Welcome to Central Illinois' On-Line Broadcast Museum. This website, documents in detail the history of each of the viewable TV stations past and present across mid-Illinois in text, photos and videos as well as each station's current status. This site also includes some local radio history, along with automated analog formats also again told in pictures, videos and text. 

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Doug Quick Mid-Illinois
Broadcast Pioneer

Doug Quick, retired TV weathercaster/news anchor, radio broadcaster, author, and museum curator was named Illinois Broadcasters Association's 2022 W. Russell Withers Jr. Downstate Broadcast Pioneer.

“To be chosen for the IBA Downstate Broadcast Pioneer Award is a tremendous honor and is a great ending for my nearly 48-year career in broadcasting,” Quick remarked upon learning of his selection as IBA's 2022 “W. Russell Withers Jr., Downstate Broadcast Pioneer.”

Quicks' past awards include receiving the Silver Circle Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the 2017 Silver Done Award from the Illinois Broadcasters Association for “Best Medium Market News Anchor.”

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Videos of the Week

What's My Line? (1956) CBS Guest: Ernie Kovacks and Edie Adams, Tony Randall as a panelist

On September 9, 1956, this installment of "What's My Line" was broadcast with the panelists Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, and Tony Randall. This panel/quiz show was one of CBS' longest-running programs having premiered long before there were even CBS affiliates and TV stations across mid-Illinois. The series began on February 16, 1950, and aired through September 3, 1967. The host was John Charles Daley, who later in the 1950s was also doing double duty as the main anchor for the weekday evening ABC network newscast!

Among the guests of this episode were Ernie Kovacs and his wife, Edie Adams. Ernie was a comedian, writer, and actor who hosted several series throughout the 1950s including "Ernie in Kovaksland(variety)," "The Ernie Kovacs Show(variety)," "Take a Guess(quiz)," "Time Will Tell(quiz)," "One Minute Please(quiz)," "The Tonight Show(talk-variety)," "Take a Good Look(quiz)," and "Silents Please(variety)." Many routines and bits he produced on his many shows, would influence many TV hosts for years to come, even today.  

Ernie was killed in a single-car crash on January 13, 1962, near the Beverly Hilton Hotel along Santa Monica Boulevard. According to newspaper coverage after the accident, he was returning home from a baby shower being held for the wife of Milton Berle at the home of movie director Billy Wilder. His station wagon slid into a utility pole as the street was wet from recent rainfall.


This episode would have been seen across mid-Illinois on WCIA, WTVH, WTHI-TV, KHQA, and KWK-TV.

The Tony Randall Show (1978) CBS Guest: Michael Keaton

This MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) produced series starred Tony Randall as a Philadelphia judge, Walter Franklin. Others in the series included Barney Martin, Allyn Ann McLerie, Devon Scott, Penny Peyser, Brad Savage, Rachel Roberts, Zane Lasky, Diana Muldaur, and Hans Conried.

"The Tony Randall Show" aired originally on ABC from September 1976 through March 1977. The series finished up on CBS from September 1977 through March 1978.  While on ABC, it aired on WAND, WRAU, WBAK, and KTVI. Then on CBS, the series aired on WCIA, WMBD-TV, KHQA, WTHI-TV, and KMOX-TV. 

David Letterman Show (1987) NBC Guest: Tony Randall

According to the book "Letterman" by Jason Zinoman, "The David Letterman Show" was into a phase of the variety/comedy/talk show that asked the studio audience members in what direction the show should take. 

Letterman began a show with the statement, "No, you're not watching a show you want to watch. You are watching a show some high-powered network executive wants you to watch. All that is going to change tonight."

This segment is from that era with guest stars Tony Randall, and Stan Musial along with members of the studio audience. It aired on NBC affiliates WICS, WICD, WEEK, WGEM-TV, WTWO, and KSDK-TV. 

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1966 ) ABC Promo

Here is a second-season promo for "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" which was part of the season premiere video prepared by the network for advertisers and affiliates. It was re-edited as a 60-second promo for broadcast. It was narrated by Gary Owens (former WIL Radio DJ, LA DJ, "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In").

Irwin Allen was a master of TV sci-fi series production. He was the producer of other popular series including "The Land of the Giants," "The Time Tunnel," and "Lost in Space(CBS)," among others. His film credits are plentiful as well including "The Poseidon Adventure," and "The Towering Inferno."

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" was originally a film produced in 1961. It starred Water Pidgion, Peter Lorre, Robert Sterling, Barbara Eden, Michael Ansara, and Frankie Avalon. The TV series starred all of the sets, special effect film segments, and the submarine models all included in both the movie and TV productions, but with a different cast.

The stars of the series included Richard Basehart (as Admiral Nelson), David Hedison (as Captain Crane), Robert Dowdell (as Lt. Commander Chip Morton), and many more. 

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" aired on ABC from September 14, 1964, through September 15, 1968. It was seen across mid-Illinois on WAND, WTVH(WIRL), and KTVI.

(Source: YouTube and various posters and contributors.

They may be removed without notice)

Classic Radio

WNNS 98.7FM Springfield (1981)

WNNS, 98.7FM signed on reportedly in 1980. I remember it as an urban contemporary automated format but later changed to a soft rock automated format (heard on this aircheck). The producer of the format is unknown at the current time. The studios were located on West Jefferson Street and consisted of an automation system, a sales department, and I would assume a one-room studio.


The history of this station is still a bit of a mystery to me. I'm looking into the FCC reports in Broadcasting magazine from the early 1980s, and have yet to discover any filings (application or grant). Any information you might have will be appreciated. Let me know by submitting it with the form below.

This aircheck was recorded by me on February 22, 1981.

(Source: YouTube and various posters and contributors.

They may be removed without notice)


TV Today

ATSC is here in Central Illinois

Read my report on what you can expect with the change-over to ATSC 3.0 or watch the video below for an explanation of what it all means.   Click Here to go to the Central Illinois TV page.

Check out a complete listing of area television signals across mid-Illinois, along with Chicago, St. Louis, Peoria, Terre Haute, and Quincy markets.


The pages include current TV listings for each market, all of the television transmitters/towers, who owns each one, the owner's address, the operator's address, phone number, websites, and other contact information.

It also includes all of the sub-channels (minus shopping and religious signals). Ownership is listed along with address, phone numbers, and contact information along with websites.

The pages also include ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) information for each market offering the new local television standard! There are also links for an explanation of what to expect in the years ahead!

Pull down your selection from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, TV TODAY, then choose any market for complete info.

New info: Jan 31, 2023  Will ATSC go the route of Digital AM Stereo? Read two new recent articles doubting the future of NextGen TV.

"ATSC 3.0 transition 'in peril' without more FCC action, NAB claims"

"Broadcasters push for FCC to rally around ATSC 3.0"


To see the fabulous video that could be coming into your home with NextGenTV, visit Good Vibes at 2010 Round Barn Rd Champaign, IL 61821, or visit the Good Vibes website by clicking here.

Classic Images

Television and Radio Memories

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CBS Radio Studios

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ABC Radio Studios

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NBC Radio Studios-West Coast

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What's New in the Museum?


January 11, 2023-I reached a plateau for the History of WBLN, Channel 15 in Bloomington, Illinois. I've added narration from my book, revised and edited. I've added many pictures that haven't been on this site for several years. Go to the History of WBLN for the latest.

March 14, 2023-I added photos of some of the most popular DJs at WTIM during the 1960s. There's been a lot of requests for these over the years and I finally rediscovered the pictures.

March 18, 2023-The earliest air check of WWTO 105.7FM Peoria was added to the section of RADIO HISTORY-Select Area Radio Stations  that features WWTO.  The 1969 FCC grant for WWTO was also added to the section.

March 20, 2023-We've added links to some material from the World Radio History site. There are two format guides now linked for Century 21 Automated Formats and another for Bonneville Broadcast Consultants. You can check out the links at the Automated Radio Formats here.

March 20, 2023-A Research Report from 1973 from the producers of The Bill Balance Show broadcast on WTWO, 105.7FM Peoria was found at the World Radio History site. To see this somewhat shocking report click here.

2022-0906_website-Local TV News.png
WCBUlogo.jpg offers a profile of this website, Central Illinois' On-Line Broadcast Museum, in a continuing series of TV history. Hear part 1 by clicking on the logo above.

WCBU is a joint service of Bradley University in Peoria and Illinois State University at Bloomington/Normal.

March 2, 2023-The "MeTV" DISH blackout continues... The contract between MeTV(channel 247) and DISH Satellite has expired, and those involved are supposedly working out a carriage agreement. This has gone on from early December.


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Pete and Gladys (1962) CBS Harry Morgan, Cara Williams

The Danny Kaye Show (1965) CBS


In Memory of John Eckert


Pictured above is Max Shaffer, WDAN-TV station manager; Robert J. Burow, Commercial-News and WDAN/WDAN-TV General Manager; and John Eckert, WDAN/WDAN-TV Sales Director


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