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Doug Quick Downstate IBA Pioneer

(August 29, 2022) Doug Quick, retired TV weathercaster/news anchor, broadcaster, author and museum curator has been named Illinois Broadcasters Association's 2022 W. Russell Withers Jr. Downstate Broadcast Pioneer.

At the time of his retirement in September 2021, Quick was deemed the longest-tenured central Illinois weathercaster following a career that began in 1974 on his hometown's (Taylorville) radio stations, WTIM/WTIM-FM. That was followed by stops in Springfield at WTAX/WDBR, Decatur WDZ/WDZQ, with most of his radio career being at Danville's WDAN/WDNL/WWDZ(FM).

Quick added television to his resume in 1994, joining WICD-TV in Champaign as the station promotions director. Soon after he added the title of weekend weathercaster to his responsibilities and in 1998 became the weekday morning weathercaster and news co-anchor for NewsChannel 15.

His radio and television work continued simultaneously until 2002 when he left Danville's radio stations and became a news/weather anchor on WICD-TV. Later he would shift over to WCCU, FOX-Illinois as a news/weather anchor, in addition to occasionally filling in on NewsChannel 15/20-Springfield as part of the STORM TEAM.

Quick's resume includes a 40-year career as a commercial and industrial video voice-over talent, an author (Pictures on the Prairie: The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television History), and created an online museum, Central Illinois' On-Line Broadcast Museum where he continues to be the curator at

“To be chosen for the IBA Downstate Broadcast Pioneer Award is a tremendous honor and is a great ending for my nearly 48-year career in broadcasting,” Quick remarked upon learning of his selection as IBA's 2022 “W. Russell Withers Jr., Downstate Broadcast Pioneer.”

Quicks' past awards include receiving the Silver Circle Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the 2017 Silver Done Award from the Illinois Broadcasters Association for “Best Medium Market News Anchor.”

“Doug's nearly 48-year-run in central Illinois is a remarkable feat,” said Dennis Lyle, president, and CEO of Illinois Broadcasters Association. “He's the epitome of the broadcaster who wants to make a difference yet stay close to home. Not many can do it, but Doug did, and he certainly did it well!”

Pictures on the
the first Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television


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TV Today

It's been announced that central Illinois is just a few months away from making the first step to NextGen TV, or ATSC 3.0 Digital Television Broadcast System. 

Read my report on what you can expect with the change-over to ATSC 3.0.  Click Here to go to the Central Illinois TV page.

NextGenTV Market Projections

A complete listing of area television signals across mid-Illinois, along with Chicago, St. Louis, Peoria, Terre Haute, and Quincy markets.


The pages include current TV listings for each market, and all of the television transmitters/towers, who owns each one, the owner's address, operator's address, phone number, websites, and other contact information.

It also includes all of the sub-channels (minus shopping and religious signals). Ownership is listed along with address, phone numbers, and contact information along with websites.

The pages also include ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) information for each market offering the new local television standard! There are also links for an explanation of what to expect in the years ahead!

Pull down your selection from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Videos of the Week

Promo Palooza continues this week as we spotlight season premiere videos from CBS and NBC. 

Season Premiere (1966) CBS

Gary Moore, the 1950s heartthrob of your granny, introduces the CBS schedule for 1966 and 1967. Along with "Pistols and Petticoats," "Run Buddy Run," "Family Affair," featuring Buffy, Jodi, and Mr. French, "The Jean Arthur Show," and a few other promos were shown when astronauts traveled back in time in "It's About Time" and the cave people spoke broken English. What percentage of these are considered "classics"?

"Reach for the Stars" (1981) CBS Feed

The majority of folks don't get to see this. Only local CBS stations are permitted to view this brief presentation. Here, he equips those in charge of local promotions with the resources they need to create adaptations of ads like the one below.

Network/Station Promo (1981-82) WCIA 

So, with all of the equipment mentioned in the aforementioned video, what was produced by one local station? Check out this illustration from Champaign, Illinois' WCIA, Channel 3.

Check out the CBS shows from the fall of 1981 in their take on those slice-of-life ads. With shows like "Dallas," "The Dukes of Hazard," "60 Minutes," "M*A*S*H," "The Jeffersons," "Alice," and "Housecalls" all ranking in the top 10 that season, CBS was once again in the lead. The campaign's tagline was "Reach for the Stars on CBS."

CBS Shows (1983) Spring lineup

There were few CBS fall preview programs. I therefore have to rely on other YouTube users to produce content that is comparable to the ABC premiere specials. This time, we take a look at the CBS Springtime schedule for the 1983 calendar year. The list includes a number of well-known television shows, such as "Newhart," "The Jeffersons," "Alice," "Trapper John MD," Archie Bunkers Place,"M*A*S*H," "One Day at a Time," "Cagney and Lacey," "Square Pegs," "Magnum PI," "Simon and Simon," "The Dukes of Hazard," "Dallas," and many others.

The 1983–84 season saw seven CBS series rank in the top 10. Many of the aforementioned were among them.

The nearby CBS affiliates were WCIA, WMBD, WTHI, KHQA, and KMOX.

Season Premeire (1969) NBC

This is one of the worst season premiere specials ever as Hugh Downs gives a polished performance that almost puts us to sleep and Joe Garagiola, who was out of his league (pun intended), fumbles through with a few remarks about his baseball gear.

Nevertheless, the season did give us some noteworthy television programs, like "My World and Welcome to It," "Then Came Bronson," "Bracken's World," "The Andy Williams Show," and can I even mention "The Bill Cosby Show."

Season Premiere (1978) NBC

This season, NBC's ratings were among the lowest ever, and the network came dangerously close to going offline. Little House on the Prairie was the most popular program, coming in at number 14, followed by "Monday Night Movie" at number 21, "CHiPS" at number 25, and "Stockard Channing in Just Friends" at number 26.

By the way, ABC took first place with 9 of the top 12 shows. NBC was seen on WICS, WICD, WEEK, WTWO, WGEM-TV, and KSD-TV in 1978–1979

(Source: YouTube and various posters and contributors.

They may be removed without notice)

Classic Radio

Larry Limbach (1975) WDZ

This one takes us back to 1975 with long-time Decatur radio guy, Larry Limbach. This time Larry was at WDZ, 1050AM, Decatur, Illinois. I recorded this in September 1975.


It features Larry on the IGM Automation system of the station at the time. I explain the format and how it ran on this site as I spotlight some central Illinois radio stations. Visit the story of Illinois' first radio station by clicking here.

Hear more radio airchecks at my YouTube Channel, and click on SUBSCRIBE!

(Source: YouTube and various posters and contributors.

They may be removed without notice)

Classic Images

Central Illinois TV Schedule
from December 7, 1959-Decatur Herald


A promotional ad from Midwest Television, WCIA/WMBD/KFMB-1970


 (pictures from the Decatur Herald, and the Doug Quick Collection)

What's New in the Museum?


July 16, 2022-I updated the NextGen TV section on Mid-Illinois TV Today. It includes some speculation about what to expect along with some known details. Stay updated on the ATSC 3.0 TV standard change-over here!

August 2, 2022- a small addition, but an addition nonetheless to the WCIA-Part 2 page. A former employee Brian Shankman send a copy of a slide taken in 1976 of the WCIA news set with him and former reporter Willie Brownlee. 

August 24, 2022-a conversation with a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was in order!  I had a phone conversation with former KSHE, KADI, and jock Steve Rosen. Details of his story are on the Legendary Radio Station page here.

September 13, 2022-added True Crime TV to the Mid-Illinois Channel listing of WBUI, 23.4

September 15, 2022-Updated Chicago station listings, adding channels and revising some lineups.

September 19, 2022-Updated St. Louis and Indianapolis TV  Today pages to include channel changes.

2022-0906_website-Local TV News.png

MeTV Changes











MeTV has a new home as a one-month contract extension with Sinclair stations WRSP/WCCU allowed WAND to receive the equipment to receive and broadcast the leading nostalgia TV network.


WAND began to broadcast the national feed of MeTV at 3pm on Friday September 30th. Those using an indoor/outdoor antenna will have to rescan their channels to add 17.6 to the lineup. That will also be the case for those receiving WAND on translators in Danville, Effingham and Jacksonville areas. I can assume local cable companies will also make changes to receive MeTV from a different source. Those on DISH already receive the raw feed of MeTV on channel 247. 

For more information on how to receive MeTV click here.

Meanwhile, Sinclair has replaced MeTV with "The True Crime Network" as it promised in early September. Check out all of the station's sub-channel lineups for mid-Illinois by clicking here. It can be seen at 27.2 and 55.2.





 offers a profile of this website, Central Illinois' On-Line Broadcast Museum, in a continuing series of TV history. Hear part 1 by clicking on the logo above.

WCBU is a joint service of Bradley University in Peoria and Illinois State University at Bloomington/Normal.


Historical Television

Click on each Graphic/Title Below to go directly to an in depth story of each with pictures/videos of Television's Past

CBS TV City.jpg
CBS color logo 1954.jpg

View a number of Television History links to trace the history of the industry and more!

A number of television print ads from the late 1940s through the 80s showing various brands of television, styles, and both color/monochrome sets are featured.

Previously on Videos

of the Week...

The Prisoner (1968) CBS

Peter Gunn (1958) NBC

AT-40 First Show (1970) Casey Kasem

Fantasy Island (1978) Pilot

Route 66 (1960) Pilot

Father's Day (1970s) Norman Lear

The Fugitive (1963) 1st 10 episodes

Benson (1978) Pilot

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WDNL(1984) Doug Quick

My Mother the Car (1965) Jerry Van Dyke

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Howie (1962) Paul Lynde Unsold Pilot

The Paul Lynde Show (1972) Pilot

Radio Programs in the 1920s

Hazel (1961) NBC Pilot

Those Were the Days (1969) ABC Unsold Pilot

WLS Aircheck (1971) J.J. Jeffries

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ABC Season Preview (1962) Donna Reed Show cast

KXOK Story-Richard Ward Fatherly

Unknown Show (1964) Allen Sherman

Hollywood Palace (1965) Allen Sherman

The Partridge Family(1970 Pilot

Nichelle Nicols-Star Trek

KXOK Johnny Rabbitt (1965/1968)

Olivia Newton-John Special (1976) ABC

Outer Limits (1963) Pilot

Outer Limits(1963) Architects of Fear

Jack Benny Program(the 40s-50s) Classic Radio

Dragnet (1952) Pilot Show

Dragnet 1967 (1967) Pilot Show

Dragnet (1949) Classic Radio Episode

Room 222 (1969)

Our Miss Brooks (1955) CBS TV

Our Miss Brooks (1949) CBS Radio

Designing Women(1986) Pilot

That's My Mama(1974) Pilot

I'm Dickens He's Fenster (1960) ABC

WLS (1967) 9/1 Ron Riley

The Fugitive (1967) Finale

Richard Diamond(1960) NBC

Richard Diamond(1950) Radio

Jonny Quest (1964) Open Close

Jonny Quest Music (1964 Hoyt Curtin

Emmy Legends-Joe Barbara interview

The Great Jonny Quest Documentary (2020)

Terry and the Pirates (1941) Classic Radio

Jonny Quest (1964) ABC Preview

NBC Promos from the 1960s

Sunday nights TV in 1965

Promos from 1965

24 New Shows 1968

Art Roberts (1967) WLS

Season Premiere (1977, 79) ABC

Season Premiere (1978)

Season Premiere (1980) ABC

Season Premierie (1981, 82, 84) ABC

Wolfman Jack (1977) KADI(FM)

Pictures on the Prairie:
The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television

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