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Doug Quick Professional Biography

Doug has been a central Illinois radio and television broadcaster for 41 years.  He's worked in the Taylorville, Springfield, Decatur, Danville and Champaign-Urbana markets throughout his entire 41 years.

Doug was co-anchor and chief weather Anchor at WICD-TV, and is currently co-anchor and weather anchor on Fox-Champaign,  WCCU-TV in Urbana.  He is the longest tenured weather-caster in central Illinois.

This site is dedicated to preserving central Illinois Broadcast History.  It's being constantly updated with additions and maybe even a few revisions.  Check back often.

Welcome News-Gazette Readers from
the Sunday, January 15th, story of area TV weather-casters.

Mid-Illinois Television Today

This is an ideal page for those who want to "cut the cable" and are not sure on what is available on over-the-air television stations.   This is a list of the mid-Illinois television stations and each of their digital sub-channels which are not available for satellite subscribers and may or may not be for cable subscribers. 

You can also click on the Yahoo link which will show you a program grid of the current schedule of "over-the-air" channels in your area. 

This is also the page which shows you how to receive the "over-the-air" sub-channel stations plus the local channels which may not be available with your satellite subscriptions such as WCCU, Channel 27 and WICD, Channel 15.

There have been many changes in the local TV lineup if you receive signals from your antenna (indoor or outdoor).  Plus there could be other changes soon if you're a DISH® or DirectTV® viewer. 


Television History

The Early Days of Television

WAND-Decatur, IL

WBLN-Bloomington, IL

WCIA-Champaign, IL

WICD-Champaign, IL

WICS-Springfield, IL

Peoria, IL Stations

St. Louis, MO Stations

St.Louis, Mo Ghost Stations

Other Television History

Discover the history of Central Illinois Television Stations the personalities, the local and network programs and so much more!

Read about the experiences of central Illinois television pioneers as they found their way though the early years of broadcasting.

Many pictures, videos and TV Guide ads help tell the story of each station, especially through the early the addition of color television and the eventual conversion to digital television.

The histories are constantly being updated and new pictures, screen grabs and details are being added.  These pages continue to be a work in keep checking back!

Radio History

WTIM/WEEE(FM)-Taylorville, IL

WDNL(FM)/WDAN-Danville, IL

Other Area Radio Stations

KGRS(FM)-Burlington, IA

WBNQ(FM)-Bloomington, IL

WCVS(AM)-Springfield, IL

WDZ(AM)-Decatur, IL

WDBR(FM)-Springfield, IL

WKDQ(FM)-Henderson, KY

WLRW(FM)-Champaign, IL

WMBD(FM)-Peoria, IL

WNNS(FM)-Springfield, IL

WQLZ(FM)-Springfield, IL

WSOY-FM, Decatur, IL

WWTO(FM)-Peoria, IL

WLS(AM)-Chicago, IL

KADI(FM)-St. Louis, MO

KSHE(FM)-St. Louis, MO

KSLQ(FM)-St. Louis, MO

WFYR(FM)-Chicago, IL

WHBF(FM)-Moline, IL

Radio Automated Formats

If you were listening to many of the FM stations in medium to large markets you may have been listening to stations  that programmed any one of these or other sample automated radio formats.  Remember "Stereo Rock,"
"Solid Gold," "Hit Parade," or even "Great American Country" you'll enjoy learning about the background
of these classic automated radio formats.

Classic Tube Television

Long before MeTV and Antenna TV I designed a "virtual" TV Channel called Classic Tube Television.  It included many classics which ultimately was added to the lineups of the current day MeTV and Antenna TV. 

I arranged the schedule around themes and is color coded for genres, kids TV and other groupings.

Many of you have "fantasy" football....I have a "fantasy" TV channel.  Just for fun, I invite you to check out Classic Tube Television.

Doug Quick Voice Overs

Click on image above for how you can help!
Videos of the Week

  Thanks to You Tube many of the television treasures of the past are available.  We also thank those who recognize the value of these priceless videos from the past in sharing them with the world.  I also scold those who refuse to share by using copyright claims or the possibility of profiting from them at some time in the future.

(above): In the fall of 1957, yours truly was only 3 years old.  Cowboys were huge...along with detectives and private eyes.  The era of live television originating from New York was over, and Hollywood became program supplier for the networks. 

Check out these early television programs presented on the local television stations in mid-Illinois.


(above): It's been said that "history repeats itself."  This is a recording of the ABC Evening News from August 9, 1974.  It would have been seen on WAND, WRAU and KTVI

(Videos are from an outside source and may be
discontinued at any time)

Champaign, Illinois Weather

Find more about Weather in Champaign, IL
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Danville, Illinois Weather

Find more about Weather in Danville, IL
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Find more about Weather in Danville, IL
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Danville, IL stats

  Weather Links
      NWS-St. Louis

       Memories of the Capitol Theater

Simmons Tree Service

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What's New Here at

(August 25, 2016)-New digital sub-channels were added to the signals of WCIA and WCIX.  Nexstar made an agreement early this Summer to add the following networks to the digital subchannels of many of their stations.  Those networks include Grit, Escape, Laff and Bounce TV.  Check out the links to each of their websites for a program description of each as well as program schedules.  Note: Grit is also seen on the digital subchannels of WICD and WICS!
Don't look for that continue to too long! Click on Mid-Illinois TV Today for details.

(October 6, 2016)- Finished the long time project of making all pages "mobile friendly" to those viewers of this site on cell phones and tablets.  I also updated several pages to match the format of all of the other pages.

(October 11, 2016-Finished updating Part 2 and 3 of the WICD History, although there are still some additions coming soon.  Other pages will be updated soon as well.

(October 30, 2016) Check out the new design with the History of WICD-Page 1-4.  Page 5 is currently being re-designed and may be posted in the next couple of days.  My goal is to bring it up to date with its demise in April of 2015.

(Nov 20, 2016) Added You Tube videos from 1998, 2000 and 2001 which will be placed on this site soon.

(Nov 23, 2016) Added priceless pictures of WBLN studios taken after the station when dark in 1958.  Also added picture and commentary from Ann Hill, a program host at WBLN in Bloomington.  Go there now by clicking here.

(Nov 30, 2016) Many many additions have been added over the last week.  First of all, Mid Illinois Television Today has been updated to include the addition of GRIT to the Dish® lineup of stations, other additions include the WJJY-TV, Channel 14 story in Other Television History, updates to the WBLN-TV, Channel 15 history including a testimonial form a former staff member, additions to the Automated Radio Format pages to include pictures of two SMC Automation units manufactured in Bloomington, Illinois as well as my Holiday Movie Recommendations.

(Dec 2, 2016) The History of WICD is now "complete" taking it to its last day of its brand as "NewsChannel 15" in 2015. Check out the many professionals who graced your screen from 2005 to 2015.  I'm still missing some....and if you are one who has been omitted from the page PLEASE send me a screen shot or two of your work at WICD...along with the years you were there.  I'll include it with revisions (which will occur often). Here's a quick link to Page 6 of The History of WICD.

(Dec 23, 2016) The History of WICS is nearing completion, with the updating of pages 2-4.   This covers the years of 1967-2005.

(Dec 26, 2016) Added many newspaper ads for programming on WTVP in 1958 and 1959.  Also updated and corrected some program schedules from WTVP Page 1.

(January 1, 2017) Added pages for St. Louis TV history with the history of WTVI(later KTVI) and KWK-TV(later KMOX-TV and KMOV).

(February 18, 2017) Updated Mid Illinois TV Today to show ION now being broadcast on WAND 17.3 channel in standard def.  It's also available on DISH® and DirectTV®.  Plus, it appears that the OTA Digital Dongle used to receive local TV channels through the Hopper® home satellite systems is no longer available through the provider.  See updated section within the page, Mid Illinois Television Today.

(March 3, 2017) Updated Mid Illinois TV Today to reflect changes in the sub-channel lineup of WICS/WICD.  The addition of TBD and Charge! are shown and links to each networks website and schedule are included.

(March 11, 2017) Updated Mid Illinois TV Today to include the Peoria Television Stations. 

(March 13, 2017) Updated and completed Mid Illinois TV Today to include all stations from the Quincy market to Terre Haute, IN market....along with Bloomington and Peoria.

updated 3/17/2017
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