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Above:  Doug accepting his Silver Circle Award from the
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences-Mid America

Doug is a longtime central Illinois broadcaster.  He's worked in the Taylorville, Springfield, Decatur, Danville and Champaign-Urbana markets for 40 years.

Doug is currently Co-Anchor and Chief Weather Anchor at WICD-TV, in Champaign and Weather Anchor at WCCU-TV in Urbana.

This site is dedicated to preserving central Illinois Broadcast History.  It's being constantly updated with additions and maybe even a few revisions.  Check back often.

It's the 60th Year of Television in Central Illinois

Recent News-Gazette article featuring Doug....Here

email:  dougquick  at  dougquick.com

Doug Quick Voice Overs

Click for Danville, Illinois Forecast

Click for Champaign, Illinois Forecast


Latest Updates

Two new audio airchecks have been added to the History of WDNL page. 
They feature, yours truly, from 1981 and in 2000.

Videos of the Week    

(Above):  I was a big fan of  "The  Soupy Sales Show" as seen on WTVP in the early Metromedia days of the Decatur ABC affiliate.  See the History of WAND.  It's hard to describe "The Soupy Sales Show" as a kids show....it was as I loved it as a 7 to 11 year old, but it also had appeal to the adults males as well.  Even the Rat Pack did a guest appearance on the show and was involved in a pie fight.  This clip is with "Pookie" the puppet Lion. 


(Above):  "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" was one of the TV's longest running live action sit coms having transitioned from radio in the late 40s to early 50s.  It was a staple on ABC during most of its run.   Looking quite corny by todays standards, and even then it was rather corny, the series was very easy to watch....and enjoy.   So, enjoy this episode complete with original commercials.

  (Videos are from an outside source and may be
discontinued at any time)

Click for Danville, Illinois Forecast
Click for Danville, Illinois Forecast

WICD, ABC/NewsChannel 15
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MeTV on 55.2 and 27.2
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