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Above:  Doug accepting his Silver Circle Award from the
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences-Mid America

Doug has been a central Illinois broadcaster for 40 years.  He's worked in the Taylorville, Springfield, Decatur, Danville and Champaign-Urbana markets for 40 years.

Doug is currently Co-Anchor and Chief Weather Anchor at WICD-TV, in Champaign and Weather Anchor at WCCU-TV in Urbana.

This site is dedicated to preserving central Illinois Broadcast History.  It's being constantly updated with additions and maybe even a few revisions.  Check back often.

Recent News-Gazette article featuring Doug....Here

email:  dougquick  at  dougquick.com

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Latest Updates

(November 13, 2014)-Added another WDBR aircheck, from October 3, 1976 to the Area CHR History page....with yours truly as the disc jockey.  It was an early in my career effort at my ultimate radio station!

(November 15, 2014)- Updated the former Television Today to "Mid Illinois Television Today" the complete listing of local television across mid Illinois.  It includes a link to local TV listings from Yahoo TV.

(January 16, 2015)-Updated the "Mid Illinois Television Today" to include the broadcasting of the GRIT network on WICS and WICD.  Also added back the ZUUS Country Music channel as 20.2 on WICS.

(January 19, 2015)-Replaced videos which were discontinued for one reason or another by You Tube probably due to copyright challenges.

(January, 2015-Appealing a copyright challenge of my You Tube post featuring the "Real McCoys" TV series from the 1950s by SFM Entertainment.  My appeal is based on "fair use" of the opening/closing credits of the show and its use on this historical website.  Meanwhile there are dozens of other You Tube posts of "Real McCoys" on You Tube, with many postings of complete episodes of the series!

(January 25, 2015)-still no response from SFM Entertainment....

(January 30, 2015)-updated Mid Illinois Television Today

Videos of the Week


(above): Barnaby Jones starred Buddy Ebsen and Lee Meriweather as a retired private detective and his daughter-in-law. This series aired from 1973-1980 on CBS. This episode is from the third season of the series, episode 12 called "The Web of Deceit" which aired on December 10, 1974. 


(above):  Matt Helm starred Tony Franciosa in the title role.  The former ABC series aired from 1975 to 1976, but only 13 episodes.  Helm was a private detective who was aided by Laraine Stephens as a lawyer Claire Kronski.  The series was known by the number of top guest stars, such as this episode with Susan Day (Partridge Family, L.A. Law), Howard Duff (a number of movies) and Huntz Hall (Dead End Kids, The Bowery Boys movie series).  This episode is called "The Dead End Kids" but the title is not listed on the episode run down and the episode is not identified graphically with a title. Only one episode aired in 1976 and it was called "Die One, Die Twice" and aired on January 3rd, 1976.  

  (Videos are from an outside source and may be
discontinued at any time)

Click for Danville, Illinois Forecast
Click for Danville, Illinois Forecast

WICD, ABC/NewsChannel 15
Fox 55-27, Springfield-Champaign
MeTV on 55.2 and 27.2

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