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Doug Quick Bio Page

Doug Quick is the markets longest tenured weathercaster having been at the Champaign studios doing weather since 1996. He began at WICD as Promotions Director in 1994 and began to do weekend weathercasts in 1996. Doug later left promotions to become the first weathercaster and co-anchor for Sunrise in 1998 moving to the evening newscasts in 2002. By 2006, he was doing weathercasts for the 5, 6 and 10pm newscasts as well as on WCCU, Channel 27.  He added co-anchoring to his role on WICD in 2013.  In 2015 Doug would become the exclusive weathercaster and co-anchor for FOX-Champaign News at Nine on WCCU.

After graduation at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Doug’s broadcast career began in 1974 from his original hometown of Taylorville, Illinois at WTIM/WTIM-FM. He later returned to college at Western Illinois University where he co-anchored a local newscast on the WIU cablecast television station. He also worked at radio stations, WTIM/WTIM-FM and WTAX/WDBR in Springfield. After his time at WIU Doug was offered a position at the sister stations of WTAX/WDBR in Danville, WDAN/WMBJ.

After joining WDAN/WMBJ in Danville in September of 1977, he helped in the change of WMBJ to WDNL and a contemporary high personality radio station.  He was the first morning DJ on the new D-102 radio station on October 1977 through May of 1979.  At that time he left WDNL for a short three month stint at WDZ/WDZQ in Decatur, Illinois before returning to WDNL as afternoon DJ and for an advertising sales position.  For most of the next 25 years Doug would take on many other roles at WDAN/WDNL, sales manager and eventually general manager in 1989, all while keeping his on-air role as DJ/announcer. In 1993, he spent a year as the first station manager of WWDZ(FM), 94.9FM in Danville, then returned as the late afternoon announcer at WDNL through the twenty-fifth anniversary of WDNL in 2002. His radio and television careers were continuing simultaneously from 1994 to 2002, but television won out when he left WDNL to work at WICD exclusively.

Along with broadcasting, Doug has a commercial and industrial video voice over career over the last 35 years. His voice has been on local television stations, many national and regional commercials, many industrial and educational videos, military web training projects and even a video game.  He has written historical articles which have been published in Central Illinois newspapers, and has been featured in articles in the Champaign News Gazette.

In 2013 Doug received the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle Award based on his work is documenting mid-Illinois Television history on his website, Central Illinois On Line Broadcast Museum. He also has received the Silver Dome Award for Best Medium Market News Anchor in 2017.

His outside activities has included the Vermilion County Conservation Foundation where he was a member of the Board of Directors. He is also a former director on the board of directors at the First Illinois Credit Union.  Doug has spoken before many civic groups, students at all grade levels who are considering broadcasting as a career, broadcast history, weather or the Foundation. He is an avid classic movie fan and classic TV show collector and has his own audio/video editing suite at home.

Doug as his wife Melissa have been married since 1978 and are the parents of two adult married daughters and grandparents to a grandson….and pet lover of their Shih Tzu, Moka.

Favorite Movies of All Time
1. Chinatown-Nicholson, getting' nosy with Faye
2. American Graffiti-George Lucas film, with Wolfman Jack, one of two films that made me want to be a DJ
3. Lost Horizon-Frank Capra version with Ronald Coleman, creepy in a way, but Coleman is cool....real cool
4. Invasion of the Body Snatchers original version from 1958, smash those pods!
5. Ensign Pulver-Robt. Walker Jr. and Burl Ives, a military buddy pic, sequel to Mr. Roberts(see below)
6. The Sting-Newman and Redford in Joliet and Chicago
7. Love and Death-Woody Allen, among other Woody Allen movies such as "Play it Again Sam"
8. Man on the Flying Trapeze-W.C. Fields, with Kookalaka Mishibob
9. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-Stanley Kramer comedy epic and the big W
10. Crimes and Misdemeanors-Woody Allen where Angelica Huston meets her match
11. The Player-Robert Altman, great opening scene
12. M*A*S*H-Robert Altman, as Bobby Troup said, "goddamn army."
13. Paper Moon-Peter Bogdanovich, Tatum and Ryan in the Depression
14. The Last Picture Show-Peter Bogdanovich, lets all go swimming with Cybil Shepard
15. Grapes of Wrath-John Ford stars Henry Fonda, great historical film, every kid should see
16. The Day the Earth Stood Still-Robert Wise film with Michael Rennie, Klaatu
17. JFK-Oliver Stone with Kevin Costner, OK maybe not all true....but who knows?
18. War of the Worlds-both versions(the newest film on the list), new version scariest film ever!
19. Patton-starring George C. Scott, WWII epic a real Oscar winner
20. Casablanca-Michael Curtiz starring Bogart and Bergman, what we have here is a beautiful friendship
21. My Favorite Year-Richard Benjamin film staring Peter O'Toole, movie about golden age of TV
22. Animal House-John Landis film with Belushi, food fights and a toga party
23. Citizen Kane-Orson Welles film, see who or what is "rosebud"
24. Hatari!-John Ford Film with John Wayne, another great buddy movie
25. Best Years of Our Lives-Dana Andrews, great great film
26. The Great Escape-Steve McQueen, James Garner, one of the best of the 60's
27. Hard Days Night-The Beatles first film, and a trend setter
28. Help-The Beatles second film, my favorite in spite of it's flaws
29. Play Misty For Me-Clint Eastwood film, the film which made me want to be a DJ
30. Kelly's Heroes-starring Clint Eastwood and "Uncle Leo" from Seinfeild
31. Dirty Harry-another Clint Eastwood film, do you feel lucky?
32. In A Lonely Place-Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Graham, a real babe
33. L.A. Confidential-Kevin Spacy, one of the best of the 90's, period picture
34. Live and Let Die-my favorite James Bond with Roger Moore in New Orleans playing Solitaire
35. Maltese Falcon-John Huston film with Bogart, the fat man and the black bird
36. Mullholland Falls-Nick Nolte in a 1940's period film
37. Oceans 11-the best buddy picture ever with Sinatra, Dean and Sammy
38. The Shadow-Alec Baldwin as Lamont Cranston, the shadow knows!
39. Thin Man Series-OK, actually several movies
40. Tucker: A Man and His Dream-a great car, too soon, hold that tiger!
41. Sons of Katie Elder-The Duke and Dean, great western, great music, great movie
42. The Longest Day-A WWII epic with too many to mention
43. The Majestic-my only Jim Carey favorite, and everyone else's least favorite Carey movie
44. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation-a family favorite
45. Operation Petticoat-Tony Curtis, Cary Grant and the pick sub, another buddy picture
46. Mister Roberts-Henry Fonda, James Cagney and another WWII classic, yet another buddy picture
47. Shampoo-Warren Beatty, Goldie Hawn, Jack Warden, a fabulous Julie Christie and Nixon in 1968
48. War Wagon-Kirk Douglas and the Duke
49. Young Frankenstein-Mel Brooks classic, with the big knockers and Cloris Leachman as......
50. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein-Bud and Lou and the monster
51. Back to the Future-Michael J. Fox, the first and original
52. Bullitt-Steve McQueen and the Mustang
53. Christmas Carol- God Bless us all, everyone....the one with Allister Sim...and Patrick McNee
54. Christmas in Connecticut-Stanwyck, not a beauty, but real foxy
55. Desperate Hours-Fredrick March and bad guy Bogart at the Cleaver's house.....really!
56. Good Night and Good Luck-George Clooney film, modern classic, almost made me take up smoking!  Just kidding.....
57. High Anxiety-Mel Brooks....I got it....I got it.....I don't got it.
58. Holiday Inn-Crosby, Astaire and Irving Berlin with canned peaches.....look out!
59. Blazing Saddles-Mel Brooks and the........sheriff with Lionel Hampton
60. It's a Gift-W.C. Fields and Carl LaFong.....Capitol L....small a.....Capitol F.....small o, small n, small g....Carl LaFong....
61. Get Shorty-Barry Sonnenfield movie with Travolta, Hackman, DeVito and so many more
62. French Connection-William Friedkin film with Gene Hackman, do you pick your feet.....?
63. The Big Country-Gregory Peck standing tall
64. The Bowery Boys movie series-the Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall and Bernard Gorcey, Billy Benedict, Buddy Gorman and others

Favorite TV Shows of All Time
1. The Avengers-British/ABC show of the 60's
2. McHale's Navy-Ernest Borgnine/ABC show of the 60's
3. Hogan's Heroes-Bob Crane/CBS show of the 60's
4. Sienfeld-Jerry Sienfeld and cast/NBC show of the 80's-90's
5. Twin Peaks-David Lynch produced series/ABC 90's
6.  F-Troop-Forest Tucker & Larry Storch/ABC 60's
7.  77 Sunset Strip-Efram Zimbalist Jr./ABC 50's-60's
8.  Outer Limits-the original show of the 60's/ABC 60's
9.  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea-Richard Basehart/ABC 60's
10. The Fugitive-Richard Jansen/60's
11. The Odd Couple-Randall/Klugman team/ABC 70's
12. The Time Tunnel-Irwin Allen production/ABC 60's
13. Jack Benny Show-the original show about nothing/CBS 50's
14. The Honeymooners-The Great Gleason/CBS 50's
15. Perry Mason-Raymond Burr/CBS 50's-60's
16. Leave it to Beaver-Jerry Mathers/CBS-ABC 50's-60's
17. Andy Griffith Show-only the B & W ones/CBS 60's
18. Dick Van Dyke Show-Danville's own/CBS 60's
19. Route 66-Milner-Maharis/CBS 50's-60's
20. Phyllis-spinoff of MTM with Cloris Leachman/CBS 70's
21. Star Trek-the original version/NBC 60's
22. M*A*S*H-Alan Alda/CBS 70's-80's
23. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis-Dwayne Hickman/CBS 50's
24. Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In-NBC 60's-70's
25. Dean Martin Show-variety show/NBC 60's-70's
26. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet-with the Nelsons/ABC 50's-60's
27. Bracken's World-nighttime show biz soap-NBC 60's
28. Soupy Sales Show-kids/adult comedy with Soupy-Syndciated 60's
29. Broadsides-spin off of NcHale's Navy, with the Waves-ABC/60's
30. The Jackie Gleason Show-with the great one....away we go!-CBS/60's

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